Our system : Advantages

Submariver®: an economical solution

The cost of transportation, which depends on distance and flow, is much smaller than the cost of conventional solutions (desalination, transportation by boats, onshore canal or pipeline …). Submariver® applies to a large array of projects, from one hundred to more than one thousand of kilometers and from several cubic meters per second to several dozens. On numerous projects that we have studied, the Submariver® system is more than twice more economical than conventional solutions.

Submariver®: a positive environmental impact

Every infrastructure project is submitted to a specific environmental impact appraisal, which allows determining the acceptable catchment from an ecological standpoint. With a view to limiting the downstream impact on ecosystems, only a small fraction of the residual flow is subtracted.
Our system uses up much less energy than conventional methods like desalination. The system Submariver´┐Ż has been positively appraised by numerous environmental specialists.
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Submariver®: a system fostering social and economic development

Raw water, removed in the natural environment, is transported for a direct use in agriculture (more than 70% of worldwide consumption) and after the usual treatments for domestic or industrial uses.
Treated wastewater is transported either for irrigation or for the recharge of water tables, complying with WHO and FAO standards.
With a low energy consumption, Submariver® fosters social and economic development in the regions of delivery, while it strengthens their energy independence.